The Executive Board

The people who work for us:


Cindy Wu

Class of 2025

Cindy Wu is a Computer Science major at Duke. Besides DQF, she dances for Pueren and is a new member educator at the Scale and Coin Business Society. She likes skateboarding and playing her ukulele.


Benny Sun

Class of 2024

Benny Sun is a Math and Computer Science major who interned at Volant Trading last summer. Outside of DQF, he is in Duke Investment Club and Scale and Coin. He likes playing chess, listening to hip-hop, and watching NBA.


Justin Huang

Class of 2024

Justin Huang is a Mathematics and CS/Stats interdepartmental major with an Economics minor. Outside of DQF, he is found at the gym playing basketball, working out, and playing chess.


Kevin Tu

Class of 2024

Kevin Tu is an Electrical and Computer Engineering major with a minor in mathematics who will be returning to Jane Street this summer. He enjoys water polo and building computers.


Lihong Wang

Class of 2024

Lihong is a former Akuna intern majoring in math and computer science who will intern at Jane Street this summer. He is on the board of Duke Applied Machine Learning. He enjoys working out and working on math problems in his free time.


Vincent Li

Class of 2024

Vincent is a math and CS major who interned at SIG last summer. He absolutely loves sci-fi/fantasy novels and astronomy (NOT astrology), and enjoys biking in his free time.


Jun Heng Lor

Class of 2023

Lor is majoring in math and CS and he interned at Jane Street and HRT in the last two summers. When he isn't thinking about trading, he works on Quantum Error Correction. He loves playing all sorts of games, especially contract bridge and poker.