Educational Bootcamp

Quantitative Finance is often noted for its high barrier to entry since it relies on topics ranging from probability to options pricing to data science. This bootcamp is intended to help bridge the gap between the standard undergraduate curriculum and industry prerequisites.

Week 1: Introduction to Trading Games

Learn the essential skills necessary to compete in trading games - a critical skill for market makers, and one that highlights the kinds of challenging problems within quantitative finance.

Week 2: Financial Markets

A crash course into the underpinnings of financial markets with diverse topics from fixed income to equities to more exotic derivatives.

Week 3: Financial Theory

Learn about the complex portfolio theory that drives the action of many quantitative hedge funds.

Week 4: The Role of a Quant

Examine how quant trading firms provide liquidity to countless markets and discover the many moral quandaries that people in the industry face.

Week 5: Mathematical Modeling

Understand what makes a good financial model a good model, and typical models that are used in the industry alongside their upsides and downsides.

Week 6: Case Studies

Dive into examples of major errors that traders have made, the pitfalls that they fell into, and how those same errors can be avoided.