About Us

Duke Quantitative Finance provides a fun, spirited, environment for all students interested in the field of quantitative finance.
Throughout the year, we organize a lecture series, workshops, and game nights to enhance our members' understanding
of the field as well as their mathematical foundations.


DQF provides a 6 week-long training program, teaching the basics of trading games, financial markets concepts, data science topics, and real-world applications.


Members will be able to join various technical projects related to data science, including sports betting algorithms, employing Quant Connect to research trading strategies, and other such projects.


Our members meet weekly for market-making games and poker nights, as well as numerous socials held throughout the semester.


Senior members set aside time every week to host office hours, where they offer resume reviews, mock interviews, and career advice to junior members looking to recruit for quantitative finance roles.

Where we go

Our members know what they're talking about in office hours and in lectures, because they actually have experience working at major market makers and liquidity providers.

How to Join

Applications to DQF are now open!

Join our listserv on our Instagram page below to receive updates.

Everyone is free to join our listserv to receive information on firm recruitment and DQF events. Applications to join the boot camp open at the beginning of every semester and are competitive. We are looking for students with strong problem-solving skills and potential to grow in our collaborative, resource-rich environment. No previous finance experience is expected!

Recruitment Calendar